phishing-instagramIf you were to pop on over to your email’s spam folder, you’ll probably notice a ton of messages from people claiming to be representatives of services you have used or are using. Personally I get a lot of World of Warcraft related emails, telling me my account has been hacked and that I need to click a link in order to restore it.

For the less tech savvy, this might throw you into panic mode, and it looks like some malicious users are counting on these tech newbies to phish for information. According to reports, it seems that there are several fake Instagram profiles that have been masquerading as an official EA Sports account.

These accounts have been posting promotions which are asking users to post their Xbox Live and Origin account information in order to gain free in-game currency. Considering that a recent study found that users would be willing to install unknown and potentially dangerous software for as much as $0.01, we guess it won’t be a complete surprise if people fell for this phishing scam.

Some of these fake Instagram profiles have since been suspended, but that also means some are still up and running, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them. Typically the genuine account will never ask for personal information, especially since they probably have access to them anyway, so that’s a sign you could be dealing with a scammer.

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