If you’re someone who uses their iPad to draw often, then the Paper app by FiftyThree is probably one that you’re familiar with, or have at least heard of. The company even released a stylus called the Pencil that would work in conjunction with the Paper app. Now the good news is that FiftyThree has announced a new feature that will be making its way into their app at a later date.

This new feature is called Surface Pressure and basically what it does is that it allows the app to determine the thickness of lines drawn using the Pencil stylus. This mimics real life better since if you were to apply more pressure to a pen, pencil, or brush, it can result in slightly thicker strokes.

However it should be noted that this feature is an iOS 8 feature. According to MacRumors, they have found that within iOS 8 there is variable touch sizing technology that allows developers to recognize the size of touch points on the device’s display, and based on that, it could allow them to modify the behavior of the app.

With Paper, it looks like FiftyThree will be taking advantage of that feature to make their app even more realistic. According to the developers, the Surface Pressure update will be released later this fall along with iOS 8, but in the meantime you can check out the video above to see it in action.

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