What are 15-year olds generally interested in? Well, they would love to spend plenty of time hanging out with their friends, having loads of fun through their activity of interest, be it video games or sports, or other stuff. As for 15-year old Angelo Casimiro, he has expressed his idea of a greener world by fleshing it out in the form of footwear which is capable of generating electricity while you walk. Trying to take advantage of kinetic energy is nothing new, as we have seen attempts at that in the past. However, Casimiro’s sneakers will be able to help provide emergency juice for your smartphone as and when required, but we would not ditch your charger just yet, since playing basketball for a couple of hours generated a mere 10 minutes of battery life for the iPhone.


That is a whole lot of sweat for so little juice, don’t you think so? However, if you tend to do a whole lot of walking throughout the day, then that extra 10 minutes of power might come in handy in the evening when you need to make that crucial phone call, having exhausted all of the other options out there.

This electricity harvesting footwear idea by Casimiro made its debut at the Google Science Fair, so we will have to wait until June 22nd to see whether Casimiro’s science project will end up as a winner or not. At least he is a whole lot more productive than I was when I was 15!

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