The introduction of power steering has made life behind the wheel a whole lot easier from time to time without causing your upper body to use far more muscles than it should, as it reduces the number of times that one would make turns on the steering wheel in order to see the front wheels turn by a certain amount. Well, Ford intends to change things for the better in the non-luxury car market with its new Adaptive Steering system.


The brand new Adaptive Steering system is said to be made available on select models from 2015 onward. Just how does Adaptive Steering work? Well, it is pretty simple actually, as the steering ratio of a vehicle will adjust itself accordingly in order to adapt to changing conditions. At low speeds, the system will ensure that the front wheels turn a greater distance in order to achieve a similar amount of rotation of the steering wheel, which Ford claims would allow the ride to be more agile as well as easier to turn whenever one is trying to make one’s way into a particularly tight parking spot.

When you are on the highway, however, things would be very different. The Adaptive Steering system will then require the driver to turn the steering wheel further so as to achieve a similar result in traditional steering systems. As the amount of speed ramps up, its effects is less noticeable in comparison to traditional steering. [Press Release]

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