ps4-mp3-dlnaPreloading games is usually a feature available for the PC/Mac. What it does is that it allows gamers to download the necessary content onto their computers, so that once the game’s servers are live, all they’d have to do is login and they can start playing right off the bat! This saves users a lot of time from having to fight for bandwidth with other gamers who are downloading the content on the day itself.

Unfortunately this is a feature that was not made available to consoles, at least until recently. In a blog post by Sony on the PlayStation Blog, the company announced the preloading games for the PlayStation 4 will be kicking off next week, starting with Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark which will be released on the 24th of June.

Sony has also announced that the games they announced for pre-order at E3 2014 last week are also eligible for preloading, and have also uploaded a list of additional games that will be allowed to be preloaded as well. Since Transformers will be out before the other games, we guess the honor of being first will be going to them.

With the new preloading feature, gamers will be able to preload games days in advance and ahead of its release. To make it simpler, gamers who pre-ordered a game will have the game preloaded automatically, as long as their PlayStation 4 is in standby mode. There will be a countdown clock included which counts down to the day you can start playing too.

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