glastonbury-cowsI wonder whether some of us do take the presence of an Internet connection for granted these days, and if you are all prepared to head to Britain’s Glastonbury Festival that has seen top acts headline it to date including the likes of David Bowie, The Who, Coldplay, and Beyoncé, then you would know that music-lovers are more or less guaranteed of a rockin’ good time there. Of course, the Glastonbury Festival’s other claim to fame would be its sea of mud and streams that flow through tents, courtesy of the English weather. This year’s edition, however, will have a tech twist to it – those who make their way there will be able to spot a herd of life-sized cows made out of glass-fiber. These cows are not just there for decoration, but you can milk them for their free Wi-Fi connection (figuratively speaking).

These Wi-Fi cows were manufactured by telecommunications company EE, a company that specializes in constructing high-speed wireless networks in rural areas. It would be pretty much difficult to miss these cows, as they have been brightly painted to begin with, while sporting electronics within that offers 4G Wi-Fi connectivity without asking for a single cent in return. This makes it perfect for those who are on a limited data plan, or do not have coverage there, to snap loads of photos and upload them on the spot.

EE calls them “Moobile” hotspots of the “High-Speed Herd,” and these will be strategically placed throughout key points on the Festival grounds. One thing’s for sure though – any poo that you step in while attending Glastonbury cannot be pinpointed to these cows. [Press Release]

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