Google’s wearable device has had no shortage of coverage over the past year. Google Glass was initially offered to a select group of Explorers who were required to be U.S. residents. Even though the company opened up the Explorer Program recently the device was only being offered in the U.S. Now though the wearable device is finally available in another country. Interested folks can purchase Google Glass in the UK starting today.

The first hint of an incoming Google Glass launch in the UK was seen today in a support page for Play Devices. It was soon taken down but the timing didn’t feel off. We’re merely days away from the Google I/O 2014 conference and the company is already expected to make Glass-related announcement during its keynote.

A few hours later another support page was spotted which all but confirmed the availability of Glass in the UK. It read that “Glass is currently authorized for use in the United States and United Kingdom.”

And now the cat is formally out of the bag. The official landing page for Glass in the UK has gone live. For 1,000 GBP customers in the UK can get a Google Glass, the same free frame and shade deal being offered in the U.S. is available across the pond as well.

There appears to be ample stock right now as the Play Store promises shipment within 1-2 business days.

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