Songza-631x307With Apple officially picking up Beats for a cool $3 billion, we had heard the rumors that Google is now on the hunt for a music streaming service of their own. According to our previous report, it was speculated that Spotify could be a potential acquisition by Google, although a new report from The New York Post has suggested that Google could be looking at Songza instead.

For those unfamiliar with Songza, it is a music curation and streaming service, which unfortunately is not as big as its rivals like Spotify or Pandora. The service has about 5.5 million active users and is a free service that has recently incorporated advertising and tie-ins with brands to help generate revenue.

One of the features of Songza that The New York Post speculates that Google wants, is its ability to create playlists based on time, date, mood, activity, and so on, features which are currently missing from Google Play Music All Access. Some example playlists includes “Waking Up Happy”, “Working Out”, “Brand New Music”, and so on.

The report goes on to claim that Google could be looking to purchase the company and its service for $15 million, a sum significantly less than what Apple paid for Beats. One of The New York Post’s sources revealed the number, but also questioned if that is a figure that Songza will be happy to settle for. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Will Songza help taking Google’s music streaming service to the next level?

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