Android Wear was made available to developers in March earlier this year, and we do know that the upcoming LG G Watch will also be powered by Android Wear, but Google intends to do all within their power to entice more developers to jump aboard the Android Wear bandwagon. The Google Developers YouTube channel has also put up a video to persuade developers to come aboard, as you can check it out above, with Timothy Jordan, a developer advocate at Google, narrating it.

Just in case you are wondering what the fuss about Android Wear is all about, it happens to be an extension of the Android platform, albeit being specially developed specifically for wearable technology. Using Android Wear devices is touted to help the user reduce the amount of time one spends each day in taking out a smartphone and checking on it. I don’t think that we give too much thought to this, and just how many minutes are we going to save at the end of each day? I much prefer the other more disciplined method – to check your handset once an hour, and leave it at that, unless there is an incoming call for you to attend to.

Well, we will see just how Android Wear intends to make life easier and better, and should you actually see real gains in free time with Android Wear, what are you going to make of those extra minutes?

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