It seems that Grand Theft Auto Online has seen its heist missions delayed, but is this going to stop whispers on the details of this particular bunch of missions from being divulged? Apparently no, as one solitary gamer has alleged details on the first batch of heists before they are officially revealed. This particular leak itself hails from DomisLive, where there are accompanying credits to Lazy Gamer and Demetri, who happens to be the very same YouTube user who did deliver accurate details in the past concerning GTA Online’s I’m Not A Hipster update, amongst others.

Of course, just like a disclaimer in financial reports as well as investment prospectus, previously correct leaks does not set a precedent that future leaks will be correct, so it is best to take this bit of news with a pinch of salt.

The alleged GTA Online file is said to carry descriptors on what has been touted to be the game’s incoming heists, as well as other match types. As for the heists themselves, they would include “Prison Van Rescue”, “Drop Off Hooker”, “Funeral”, “Territory Takeover”, “Fight Gangmate”, “Cop Territory”, “Ornate Bank Heist” and “FIB Grab”. As with all other rumors, only time will tell whether it will eventually be proven correct and true or not.

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