heathrow-smarttoiletWe have seen how Japanese gaming house SEGA has actually turned the men’s urinal into a fun way to relieve oneself, and hopefully, ideas like those will be implemented across a wide scale in due time. Too bad that the ladies do not have something equivalent to enjoy while they take a leak, but perhaps that is something else for game programmers to work out. We have received word that the recently opened Terminal 2 at the Heathrow airport in London will feature toilets that have sensors. These sensors are capable of keeping track of the number of people who use them, while ensuring that all passengers will remain anonymous.

Known as smart toilets, the sensors have an objective in keeping count on the number of people who make use of these toilets – that is, to alert cleaners at the airport to perform a routine check up and perhaps clean up whatever mess that might have occurred after a certain number of people have entered.

Not only that, additional conclusions can be formed from such information, including making an analysis on figuring out just which toilet is the most popular among passengers. These sensors happen to be developed by embedded computing firm EuroTech with Intel technology coupled alongside it.

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