iconsOne of the newer features that Google added to Android recently was the ability for Google Now to remember where you parked your car. Well if you thought that was a nifty feature that you wouldn’t mind seeing making its way onto iPhone devices, you could be in luck because the folks at 9to5Mac have discovered hidden assets within iOS 8 that hints at a similar feature.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are files within iOS 8 that makes reference to parking pins that would most probably be used in conjunction with the Apple Maps software. Apple did not officially announce this feature at WWDC 2014, so perhaps the feature is still being worked on and was not ready for prime time just yet.

This feature also seems to be in line with a rumor from back in September 2013, where 9to5Mac’s sources told them that Apple could be using the M7 chip in the iPhone 5s and future iOS devices to help analyze where your car is parked, register the location, and when you return to the car park your phone will be able to assist you in locating your vehicle.

It’s an interesting feature and we have to wonder if this will be in time for the rollout of iOS 8 which is scheduled for a release later this fall, presumably alongside the likes of the next-gen iPhone. However there are talks that iOS 8’s full list of features could be delayed as Apple has shifted their resources to getting OS X 10.10 Yosemite completed on time, so there is also the chance that this parking feature could debut in iOS 8.1.

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