one e8 saleEarlier this year, HTC unveiled the HTC One M8 which is the company’s current flagship Android smartphone. Given its build quality and flagship status, it is priced as a flagship device should, and no one expects anything less. However, HTC announce several months later the HTC One E8. The device is essentially a plastic version of the HTC One M8 which is sold at a cheaper price.

So did HTC’s strategy work? Did they manage to tempt customers over from other Android OEMs to their plastic offering? While we don’t know the total number of HTC One E8 units sold, HTC has recently taken to Weibo where they are boasting that they have managed to sell 50,000 HTC One E8 units in 15 minutes.

Their post mentions that they are busy trying to keep up with stock, and that they are proud of their accomplishment, which we have to say is pretty impressive. HTC’s tactic to post the numbers online is akin to that of Xiaomi, a Chinese company, who has managed to boast even more impressive numbers, such as selling double that amount in a fraction of HTC’s time.

However we should note that Xiaomi’s products are usually a lot cheaper than HTC’s, and sometimes they aren’t as powerful, which could appeal to those who are looking for a cheap smartphone that can just the job done, no more, no less. The HTC One E8 is currently only available in China at the moment, but would any of you be interested in picking one up for yourself if it made its way stateside?

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