There’s absolutely no shortage of video chat apps or services so if someone was making a new one they would certainly try to set their offering apart. Intel today launched Pocket Avatars. Its a new video chat application that uses face tracking technology to mimic the user’s expressions and relay them in various cartoon forms. Want to chat with someone looking like a puffer fish? You can do that with Pocket Avatars.

How does it do this? The app relies on face tracking technology to render the user’s expression on a cartoon avatar. It works well, recreations are accurate enough to actually compel people to use it for more than a few minutes. Though the novelty is probably going to wear off after some time.

Intel’s Mike Bell says that the app is one medium to demonstrate facial tracking technology that could one day make its way to future Intel platforms, including but not limited to smartphones and tablets. “It’s fun and easy to explain what it does, but it’s actually pretty complex behind the scenes,” Bell says.

Pocket Avatars application is available as a free download for iOS and Android. Only a handful of avatars are available for free, the premium collection costs $0.99 a pop.

Will you ever really use this app or is it going to be one of those that gets lost behind the rows and rows of apps that you haven’t touched in eons?

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