ios 8 alt 1When it comes to iOS devices, Apple has been pretty restrictive when it comes to customization. The most one could customize their phone is to change the wallpaper and the ringtone, but apart from that, features like icons, fonts, color schemes, and so on were pretty much a no-go, but could that be changing with iOS 8?

Apple unveiled iOS 8 just last week although they did not dive into all of its features. However according to a developer, Hamza Sood, he tweeted several screenshots that seems to suggest that Apple had an alternate UI hidden with iOS 8 that users could activate. Based on the screenshots, the changes don’t appear to be too radical and basically gives the phone a purple tint, orange toggles, and a new font that seems more “fun” than serious.

ios 8 alt 2It is unclear how real these screenshots are and if this alternate UI option will actually make its way into the final build of iOS 8, but given that Sood has accurately leaked iOS information in the past, perhaps there is some truth to his claims. At the same time Apple is enabling third-party keyboards in iOS 8 and according to an earlier screenshot, allowing users to customize Control Center, so to allow users to change the look of their UI would not be such a stretch of the imagination.

The screenshots don’t look particularly appealing and if you thought that iOS 7 looked cartoony before, we have to say that this certainly does not help its case. Is there a reason for such an “out there” alternate UI? We guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it makes the final build, but in the meantime what do you guys think?

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