locationalertsIf you felt that your lockscreen on iOS could offer up more functionality, you might be pleased to learn that iOS 8 will offer just that. According to reports from developers who have managed to get their hands on the beta of iOS 8, it seems that iOS 8’s lockscreen will offer up apps based on your location.

As you can see in the image above, at the bottom left corner of the screen, it shows the Apple Store and Starbucks app. Apparently this is location based, so when your phone detects that you’ve entered into a particular location, it will offer to launch an app that will be related to that location, so Starbucks and the Apple Store apps are some examples.

However we’re sure some are wondering how this might impact battery life, especially if your phone is constantly scanning your location. Well this feature will be part of Location Services, so you can disable it if you want. We are not sure if you can enable or disable particular locations, or if it’s a blanket on/off button, because the latter might be a bit annoying especially if you want Location Services, just not for this particular feature.

In any case it is unclear as to how big of an impact this has on battery life, but hopefully Apple will take that into account as the iOS 8 beta progresses. In the meantime potential battery drain aside, what do you guys make of this particular feature?

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