Just before you think that being in space is extremely glamorous, with plenty of opportunities to fool around while you basically take some time off from the rest of humanity – literally, at least with just your space mates hanging out with you, then you are sorely mistaken. Astronauts are an extremely disciplined bunch, and for those who spend a long time up there in a zero gravity environment, the kinds of food that you partake in are not going to be the most delectable, that’s for sure. Forget about waking up after your nap to a cup of coffee, that is not going to happen on the International Space Station (ISS), at least not until now. Called the ISSpresso, this machine will be delivered to the ISS that is situated 435km above in the sky via Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, courtesy of the Italian Space Agency (ISA).

ISSpresso is the brainchild of global coffee company Lavazza, where it was developed in tandem with engineering firm Argotec, giving the ISSpresso (love the name) the distinction of being the first coffee machine that can function in micro gravity conditions. A standard issue Lavazza coffee capsule will be used in the creation of a “cup” of coffee, where this capsule is posted on top of the machine.

Water will be aspirated and pressurised in a unique electrical system, before it is heated. Such granules will then mix with the hot water, before all the precious coffee brew is piped into a pouch. Being securely fastened to the machine via a “rapid coupling/uncoupling system”, the coffee is drunk directly from the pouch using a straw. I wonder whether they can add sugar and milk to taste though.

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