itunes-uApple has just announced its latest range of updates to iTunes U, where both educators as well as students alike will be able to take advantage of great new tools in order to build and experience educational content on the iPad. From the 8th of July onward, teachers will be able to make use of the free iTunes U app which will allow one to create, edit and manage entire courses directly on iPad for the first time ever. In addition, students too, can check out new and various methods of collaboration that will include the ability to start class discussions and ask questions directly from their iPad.

The new in-app updates to iTunes U will provide teachers with full course creation capabilities on the iPad tablet, boasting of the ability to directly add rich content as well as learning materials from iWork, iBooks Author or any of the 75,000 plus of educational apps that are currently available on the iPad. Interestingly enough, once will also be able to take advantage of the iPad’s integrated camera, as teachers capture photos and videos which can then be incorporated into any course for that added impact during a lecture.

Educators are able to create iTunes U courses in 69 countries, where their courses as well as educational content will then be opened to 155 countries thanks to the iTunes U app. [Press Release]

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