Recently LG unveiled its 2014 flagship, the LG G3, even though we had heard and seen almost everything about it prior to the official announcement. It has a stunning 2K display upfront that’s complimented by very slim bezels. Apparently if the company’s VP of mobile design had his way the bezels would have been even slimmer! Chul Bae Lee, the VP in question, revealed that he urged engineers to decrease the width of bezels further but they couldn’t due to some technical restrictions.

To accommodate the G3’s large display its a given that the bezels have to be very slim, and that they are. However Lee reveals that he kept pressing engineers to “make it slimmer and slimmer,” but they couldn’t. “this is the best we can do as of today,” he says.

One of the biggest reasons why engineers couldn’t make bezels slimmer is because then the smartphone wouldn’t have passed LG’s quality control evaluations, which also include a drop test from four feet. Even slimmer bezels would have made the G3 frail and it probably wouldn’t have passed.

For them using a thicker glass in the display to offset that wasn’t a possibility. So they had to make a compromise and not make the bezels even slimmer. Lee agrees that this is “the perfect balance as of today.”

The LG G3 is only available in South Korea right now where it has reportedly eclipsed Galaxy S5 sales in the first few days after its launch. International launch to follow in the coming weeks.

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