Screenshot_2014-06-10-10-35-22When it comes to smartphone cameras, the LG G3 has a pretty good one, at least based on what we can see so far. The photos are pretty impressive, not to mention the inclusion of the laser autofocus helps to speed things along. That being said, it has pretty good video recording capabilities too and will be able to record at 4K resolution.

However the downside, if it can be called that at all, is that video recording on the LG G3 is done at 30fps. What does this mean? Well perhaps to the average viewer it might not make a very huge difference, if they care at all, but for those with an eye for detail or those looking to create something professional, perhaps frame rates higher than 30fps would be preferred.

Well the good news is that thanks to a developer in the XDA forums by the name of Jishnu Sur, he has helped to create a mod for the LG G3 that will allow users to capture video in Full HD 1080p at 60fps. This means that videos captured on the LG G3 should end up being smoother compared to default, which is at 30fps, but like we said, some users might not be too fussed, but if you are one of those who do care, you can head on over to the XDA forums for the download.

Apart from adding 60fps shooting to the LG G3, the mod will also help increase the Bitrate of the videos at 4K to 40mbps. There will be increased camera preview framerates, and manual anti-banding support. This is not an official download from LG so we guess you proceed with caution.

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