live-on-youtubeJust about all smartphones these days do come with extremely decent cameras, and among the higher end models, those cameras have long outstripped the capabilities of point-and-shoot dedicated digital cameras from years ago. Sony Mobile has had their fair share of smartphones in the past that do sport some high end shooters, and in order to take full advantage of such hardware, they have rolled out a new camera app known as “Live on YouTube – by Xperia“.

Any Tom, Dick or Harry is able to tell from the name itself that the app will enable users to broadcast live video through YouTube, which is currently the world’s most popular video sharing site. Apart from that, this particular app will allow you to have the ability to share videos in a public manner to the rest of the world, or if you are the shy type, you can always do so in a private manner with family and friends thanks to the built-in private mode.

Needless to say, before you can enjoy Live on YouTube, you will first need to have a YouTube account in the first place, before turning on the live feature in your YouTube account. The app can only be used in countries where YouTube is available, although there is an exception to the rule – Germany is out of the question. Apart from that, this app is right now an Xperia Z2 exclusive which can be downloaded via the Google Play Store with build number 01.00.12.

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