So far we’ve seen smartphones pack high-end specs, but for the most part many would agree that in terms of hardware, most phones have more or less plateaued. So now instead of differentiating phones based purely on hardware specs alone, OEMs have turned to features instead.

Recently Amazon made waves when they announced the Amazon Fire, and apparently it looks like Microsoft might have something up their sleeves as well that would potentially upset the industry. Or at least that’s what Jerry Berg, Senior Software Development Engineer In Test at Microsoft, seems to have hinted at during LockerGnome’s recent Geek Lifestyles podcast (see video above).

According to Berg, “You want to hear a cool teaser though. Just wait for it…something is going to happen in the Windows Phone space that will upset the entire world across everything.” Some have speculated that Berg could be teasing the rumored Nokia McLaren Windows Phone handset which is said to be Microsoft’s new flagship smartphone.

The phone is reportedly the successor to the Nokia Lumia 1020 and not only will it feature a much more powerful camera, but could also feature gesture recognition that will allow users to interact with the device without the need for buttons. Examples include answering a call just by lifting the phone to your ear, or ending it by putting it into your pocket. No word on when this alleged device will be announced, but it definitely sounds like a phone worth looking forward to.

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