microsoft-surface-pro-3__36Microsoft’s recently announced Surface Pro 3 tablet has yet to hit the market, but it seems that Microsoft is already busy working on updates that will be issued to the tablet hopefully before its release, if not shortly after. What kind of updates are we talking about? Well mainly the Windows button on the tablet.

With the previous Surface/Surface Pro tablets, the Windows capacitive button was placed on the bottom of the tablet (when oriented horizontally). With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft decided to place it to the side, almost as if they were intending for users to use the tablet portrait style. That being said, Microsoft recently got in touch with Gabe of Penny Arcade who had expressed some of his reservations about the tablet due to a number of issues.

One of the problems he experienced was with the Windows button, like we said, which could be activated accidentally by brushing against it. There was also the problem of stylus sensitivity and lag, which according to Gabe was pretty prevalent in the Surface Pro 3 and was never an issue with the Surface Pro 2. Microsoft took notes and came back with a fix a week later.

One of the fixes involved disabling the Windows button when the stylus is touching the screen. The button will continue to remain disable when the pen is lifted for a few seconds, just in case they decided to use it again. However based on what Gabe had written, it sounds like the fixes are still in their early stages and might not make it in time for the tablet’s release, but it’s good to know Microsoft is working on it anyway.

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