minecraft-1710I am quite sure that when Mojang published Minecraft, they had hopes for the game to succeed, but was it ever in their wildest imaginations that Minecraft would have managed to achieve such success, beyond their wildest imaginations? This time around, we do know that Mojang has announced for Minecraft 1.7.10 to roll out later this Thursday, where this update will mostly contain new features as well as fixes for Realms, and it seems that there will be other stuff that abounds as well but Mojang is keeping mum on the situation.


The World Uploader should be of interest, where you can now upload your local world to Realms, and it will be accompanied by Command Blocks, a Player Activity Monitor for you to keep track on the length of time a particular player has remained online, access to additional server settings, improvements in the Realms user interface, and more bugs squashed for a better playing experience, of course.

Apart from that, it seems that the console editions of Minecraft (PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One) have sold more in total compared to Minecraft for the PC and Mac. In fact, taking into account all platforms, Minecraft has profited from close to 54 million copies sold, now how about that?

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