mos reachThere are plenty of chargers out there in the market today, but if you’re looking for something that suits you, perhaps the MOS Reach is a charger that you might want to check out. The device is currently a Kickstarter project trying to seek funding and what makes it special is that it will come with two USB ports to allow for USB charger, and a three pin plug slot for other devices.

Basically the MOS Reach is an extension charger of sorts. It will plug into your wall socket normally, but due to the extension, it can be brought up and placed on your desk. It will come with micro suction cups that allows it to be secured onto your desk, and if you’d rather mount it on the wall, it will also feature adhesive pads that will let you do that.

The sides of the MOS Reach are also magnetic, meaning that you will be able to stick your Lightning cables onto them if you’d rather not have wires dangling everywhere. The USB ports will feature 3.1 amps so it will be more than enough to charge multiple USB powered devices, like our smartphones and tablets.

Now we have heard many stories about unauthorized chargers in the past, so we’re not sure if the MOS Reach might be a good idea for some of your products. However the good news is that as far as the Lightning connector is concerned, its creator is working to ensure that it will be Apple Certified, so you can rest easy about that.

In any case the MOS Reach project has managed to exceed its goal of $50,000, but if you’d like to pledge anyway or learn more, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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