motorola-ap7502Motorola has just announced the Motorola AP 7502, which happens to boast the fact that it is one of the smallest enterprise-class 802.11ac access points in the world. The reason that it was created in such a small form factor? It has been designed to target the hospitality market. This particular purpose-built Gigabit wireless wallplate AP will be able to hide in plain sight all the while enabling those who are connected to it to enjoy high-speed wireless connectivity across multiple devices.


After all, it is not an easy task at all to deliver high-speed wireless Internet access across hotels and resorts, as there is a huge number of rooms, walls, floors, doors and other kinds of barriers that has the potential to impede high-quality coverage. The AP 7502 can either hide in plain sight, or be blended within the room décor, taking just a matter of minutes to install.

All that one needs to do is snap the wallplate AP over current cabling and make use of the WiNG 5 zero-touch automatic configuration. Thanks to comprehensive micro-locationing support, including Bluetooth SMART beacon technology, the AP 7502 will be able to enhance interaction and engagement so that guests end up with the information required at their whim and fancy. [Press Release]

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