moto-G-review-14The Motorola Moto G might be a mid-range smartphone that offers plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, but this does not mean that it has not issues of its own. In fact, one particular problem has irked many over the past few months, and that is the mobile carrier showing up in the status bar all the time. This not only takes up precious space where notifications ought to take precedent, it is also a cause for irritation where select overseas carriers are involved, sporting extremely long names that take up a whole lot of space there. A screenshot put up by Punit Soni, Motorola’s VP of product management, points to a new toggle that can disable this feature of showing the mobile network name in the status bar, where it comes at 1080p resolution.

As most folks would know, the Motorola Moto G sports a 720p display, so where does the 1080p resolution fit in here? After all, Motorola has yet to reveal a single 1080p smartphone to the masses as at press time. This has definitely added more fuel to the speculative fire that it could be the rumored Moto X+1 that is being referred to here, since having a 1080p display on a smartphone these days is not too far fetched, especially when you consider this to be a successor to the Moto X flagship that is said to appear across all carriers. It would make perfect sense then, for such a feature to be tested on a device that is in the pipeline.


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326 PPI
~$85 - Amazon
5 MP
F2.4 Aperture F-Stop
143 g
2070 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon 400 + None
Storage (GB)
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