nest-protectAs you might have heard by now, Nest has finally returned the Protect smoke alarm to shelves via Google Play. For those unfamiliar, Nest had previously pulled the smoke alarm from being sold due to an issue with the device where users could accidentally disable the detector by waving their hands.

In any case the feature has since been disabled, even after its return to the store, but hopefully it will be addressed in a future update. That being said, the Protect’s return also saw a price decrease where it will now retail for $99. Previously it was sold for $119, meaning that new customers are basically getting $20 off.

That’s well and good for new customers, but what about old ones? Well if you bought the Protect recently, you could be in luck because Nest has announced that they will be refunding customers $33 if they bought the device before the 15th of June, and have registered and activated the device after the 3rd of April.

For those interested in applying for a credit refund, you can head on over to Nest’s website to fill up a form where it should be credited back to you in the next 4-6 weeks. The amount credited will come in the form of a prepaid debit card, so if you own two Protect devices, you would basically be given a debit card worth $66.

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