nintendo-logoWhen it comes to video games and gaming peripherals, most manufacturers assume that the gamer is right-handed. This is because the population of right-handers is higher than that of left-handers, which is why it makes more sense for manufacturers to cater to the majority. That being said, if you’re a fan of Nintendo games and were hoping for more lefty support, you could be in luck.

Speaking to the folks at Kotaku last week during E3, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto told them that this was an issue that he would be speaking to his team about. The question was brought up rather casually as Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo was wondering why weren’t more Nintendo games lefty-friendly, especially since it appeared that Miyamoto himself was a left-hander.

Well turns out that Miyamoto is what some would considered a mix-hander, which is that he uses different hands for different tasks, like writing with his left, but painting calligraphy with his right, and so on. While this isn’t a huge issue for some gamers, those who are purely left might have issues with games like Pikmin 3. The original Dillon’s Rolling Western was also a game that lefty’s would have had a problem with.

While we’re not sure if this might be a huge deal to some gamers, we guess having the feature would be welcomed as a convenience. According to Miyamoto, “But it’s a thing that fairly simple to adapt to so I will go back to my teams and consult with them. Maybe we’ll issue a patch.” What do you guys think? Any left-handed gamers out there pleased by this?

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