nsa-facebook-malwareI guess you can more or less say that the NSA is not exactly the most popular government outfit in town, considering how the entire PRISM issue blew up in their faces. Having said that, it might be time for some payback, as radio hackers have taken the reverse engineering route on some of the wireless spying gadgets that the NSA used. Relying on documents that were leaked by Edward Snowden himself, these radio hackers have managed to come up with effective albeit simple tools which can be connected to different parts of a computer, allowing them to pick up private information along the way.

The NSA’s Advanced Network Technology catalogue happened to be just one of the many classified documents that were leaked by Snowden, and in this catalogue, it depicts a list as well as devices which NSA agents rely on in order to eavesdrop on a particular target’s computer or phone. Some of these technologies would include fake base stations that will hijack and monitor cellphone calls, as well as radio-equipped USB sticks which can transmit a computer’s contents.

Now that some folks out there know how the leaked NSA bugs function, it is time to figure out a way to prevent such bugs from working effectively upon the unknowing populace. Does this mean we could be staring at more secure hardware in the future?

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