tegra-note-7-updateWe did take the NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7 out for a spin at the end of last year, and we are glad to bring you word that those who happen to be rocking to this particular tablet, even as of now, will be on the receiving end of a new Over The Air (OTA) update. This particular update would allow Tegra NOTE 7 owners to be able to stream Netflix HD content in resolutions of up to 1080p on their respective device.

This particular OTA update would mean the Tegra NOTE 7 ends up as one of the first Android-powered devices in the market that has the ability to stream Netflix, and to do so in sharp and rich high definition images. In order to pick up this particular OTA update manually for the Tegra NOTE 7, do the usual (long time Android users would have most probably memorized the following already) by taking this route: Settings > About Tablet > System updates > Download OTA.

There should not be any issues that will affect the Tegra NOTE 7 after installing this OTA update, since no one has actually stepped forward to share about any bugs that arose after installation. Hence, go ahead and install the OTA update with peace of mind.

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