Microsoft didn’t immediately release the required drivers for Xbox One controllers so gamers couldn’t use them on a PC. We knew that it would happen eventually. Its not something that Microsoft is doing for the first time, Xbox 360 controllers have long been compatible with PCs. The wait finally ends today. Microsoft has released the official Xbox One controller PC drivers and they’re now available for download.

In simple words this means that the controller can now be used with Windows PCs. Even though the compay took its time a workaround had already been developed back in March that allowed anyone to install Xbox One controller on PC. It was an unofficial fix but it worked.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the release of the drivers on his blog and is offering PC gamers the chance to download them for x86 and x64 systems right away. He says that the company is aware that many gamers have wanted PC compatibility for Xbox One controllers and that its happy to come through for them now.

Once the official Xbox One controller PC drivers are installed the controller can then be used with any game that had gamepad support for the Xbox 360 controller. It has to be plugged into the PC through a microUSB cable.

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