We’re sure many of us have come across nice photographs which makes us feel inspired to become photographers as well. You could always buy yourself a decent camera and start practicing, although we reckon the learning experience would be a much better one if you had some guidance.

Olympus is hoping to provide you with that guidance as the camera company has recently announced that they will be launching a new video series titled, “Anywhere Classroom”. Basically these are a series of online videos that shares various tips and techniques for taking photos in a variety of scenarios.

The first three videos have launched today, with the first episode starring Jay Dickman who will offer up tips on shooting landscapes using the OM-D E-M1. These videos are pretty short but do contain some useful tips, so if you’re primarily a studio photographer looking to start shooting more outdoors, then you could find something useful.

It will also be useful to photographers who are starting out and want to learn the nuances in shooting styles. In a way this is sort of similar to Nikon’s “Behind the Scenes” series of instructional videos. In any case if you have several minutes to spare, you can check out the video above to learn more, or head on over to Olympus’ YouTube channel for the other videos.

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