There is nothing quite like seeing a talented musician play music in the background that would be able to roll back the years, while bringing back pleasant memories of past experiences along the way. Even better yet is someone who has discovered a way to play many different instruments simultaneously, such as a certain Anders Flanderz. Flanderz is a Swede who has gone around touring shopping centers of the Swedish province or Uppland, playing back tunes from Star Wars with a skip in his ste.


Being a classic one-man band member, he will have the compulsory heel-operated cymbals and drum, which will be accompanied by an accordion, a keyboard, different kinds of chest-mounted horns, and a bicycle horn to boot. Heck, right beside his tip hat lies a xylophone as well as different kinds of instruments that he can make use of in the middle of his performances for that added jazz.

Of course, do not expect it to sound the same as an entire orchestra, but at the very least, his effort deserves top marks considering the amount of practice he must have had to go through before he makes everything look so easy as though one can play such tunes in their sleep. Do you think that robots will eventually gain the upper hand over human creativity when it comes to music?

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