Every single one of us were created differently, as each of us do have our own unique attributes, be they physical ones or otherwise. Well, OwnPhones knows this, which is why they intend to change the way that folks experience music while engaged in an activity of their choice. The solution offered comes in the form of 3D printed custom-fit wireless earbuds, and it is hoped that a Kickstarter campaign which will roll out later this July will get things going.

The Kickstarter campaign intends to raise a whopping $250,000 altogether, which is not an impossible objective, but it is not an easy one to achieve, either. Before you can create your personal pair of earbuds, however, you will have to access the OwnPhones mobile app (on iOS first with Android to follow), create a short video of your left and right ears, before uploading that video to OwnPhone’s servers. From there, the clever use of advanced Photogrammetry algorithms will convert the recorded ears into a 3D model, prior to manufacturing your very own set of custom fit earbuds. Pretty cool, don’t you think so?

The basic version can then be added on with OwnErgonomics, which is a system that enables users to specify their activity profile which will include the likes of running, snowboarding, parkour, the works, so that the materials used will be different in order to ensure that your earbuds remain in place while you are engaged in your favorite activity.

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