patchnrideNobody likes to go through the experience of a flat tire, whether you are driving a car or riding a bicycle or motorbike. A car ain’t that bad, since you would have a spare in the trunk, but for a motorbike or bicycle, patching up that existing tire would be the ideal thing to do. It is not only time consuming to patch up a tube (or to replace it altogether), it is also a relatively frustrating experience for many. The Patchnride device might put all of that frustration behind, since it is touted to be able to repair a punctured inner tube in a jiffy without the need to get your hands dirty or to fidget around with levers.

With the Patchnride, it is small enough to stash away in your pocket, while offering a quick-fix for a punctured tire without having to remove the wheel in the first place. First of all, you will need to locate the leak, and that is done thanks to a leak detector. After you have figured out where the leak is, pinch the tube as the tool’s pointed tip will then be inserted into the puncture via a twisting motion. WIth its thumb slider, the Patchnride will then inject a patch and adhesive from a single use cartridge all the way into the puncture.

When you pump the tube to the maximum with air, it will result in the patch pressing against the underside of the tire, locking into place so that the hole remains sealed for you to continue to your destination. It is touted to take less than a minute to get the job done, now how about that? The Patchnride is said to be able to handle punctures up to 3 mm (0.12 in) in size, and ought to play nice with all bicycles. Each kit can be purchased for $30 a pop, while extra patch pods will cost $12.

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