pinterest-iosIf you happen to be an active Pinterest user, then you might be interested to hear that the service has been hacked recently. As a result of that, huge numbers of user accounts started to share their “achievements” in their respective weight loss “adventures” all over the social network as well as Twitter. This is not the first time that such a “phenomenon” has happened, as it did occur where Instagram is concerned in the past, although this time around, there are different kinds of messages that showed up, including those that are related to Asian fruit.

It remains to be seen how the spammers filtered out who are the ones who lost 12 pounds of body weight, while others managed to successfully shed off 15 pounds. One thing is for sure though, all of them have lost weight, although in real life, the opposite might have just happened. Apart from that, one can only wonder as to just how the spammers arrived at the formula of 12 and 15 pounds of weight.

I suppose nothing major is going to come out of this, other than the fact that if you happen to be one of those affected by this hack and spam effort, then do expect some family and friends to ask you for the “secret” of fast weight loss. This just goes to show that strong passwords should never be taken for granted, and in fact, it ought to be deemed as a necessity in this day and age.

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