It was not too long ago that Guided Search was introduced on Pinterest for mobile devices, allowing one to enjoy making discoveries while hunting down something that you didn’t know you were on the lookout before, ranging from a drool inducing recipe to the next road trip or million dollar idea. Well, the folks over at Pinterest have just announced that Guided Search will make its debut on the web this summer, which ought to get those with an adventurous streak in them all excited.

Basically, whenever one searches for something, there will be descriptive guides which will do their bit to help you go through the decent ideas from other Pinners out there. As you scroll through the myriad of guides, you will be able to check out those that look interesting to you by clicking on it, and who knows, it might have been the long awaited gem which you were looking for!

It might just make life at the office a whole lot more interesting if you happen to have a particularly slow day at the office. Other improvements include a search bar that is located in front and center in order to offer a far faster find. Searches are also made easier thanks to the ability to filter by Pins, boards or other Pinners who you might be on the lookout for. Expect Guided Search to roll out in English first over the course of the next few weeks before additional language support is thrown into the mix. [Press Release]

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