nvidia-shield-2With the NVIDIA Shield gaming console launched back in 2013, we guess it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that NVIDIA could be working on a successor that could be released later this year, right? Well if they are, they are keeping mum about it, but thanks to an FCC filing, a device has popped up which not only looks like the Shield, but has a model number that is pretty similar as well.

The original NVIDIA Shield had the model number P2450. The device spotted at the FCC had the model number P2570, suggesting that this is definitely an upgrade over the previous device. Assuming that the device we are looking at is the NVIDIA Shield 2, or whatever NVIDIA is planning on calling it, the design of the device does not appear to be too dramatic of an overhaul.

The shape still appears to be roughly the same as its predecessor, although it does look less “fat” and less curvy. Instead it looks like NVIDIA might have done away with the more curvy edges in favor of slightly straighter and sharper lines. Assuming that is the case, the folks at Engadget speculate that the end result could be a device that is less heavy as well.

NVIDIA has remained mum when asked if whether or not the P2570 could be the successor of the NVIDIA Shield, but like we said, a successor would not be completely out of the question, but what do you guys think? Could this be our first look at the NVIDIA Shield 2?

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