nesmProject NESM, or otherwise known as the Never Ending Slinking Machine, is one interesting Kickstarter project that has already achieved its fundraising goal of £20,000, which means all of you who have made relevant contributions would soon be able to wrap your fingers around Project NESM – with full of glee, I might add.

I am quite sure that many of us, if not all, have seen a slinky in action when we were far younger, before our minds were drawn to the video game console. Finding the longest flight of stairs possible, that is when we pushed a slinky down, seeing gravity and kinetic energy at work here. Well, Project NESM intends to bring the old school slinky to the next level, allowing you to watch your slinky virtually walk and walk for hours without stopping.

It is definitely one of the more pointless Kickstarter projects to be approved, and yet I strongly believe that it is the next generation desk-bound kinetic sculpture that might just kick off a whole new revolution when it comes to sprucing up your work area. It certainly has an effect that calms the mind, especially with all of the “noise” that one picks up in the midst of a corporate environment.

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