razer-junglecatWhen it comes to gaming peripherals, you cannot really go wrong with the name Razer as well as the products that it delivers, as Razer has long been a staple among the gaming community that is synonymous with quality. Well, in their latest foray, we have the Razer Junglecat iOS gaming controller, a customizable gamepad which will fit right into your pocket while ensuring that your smartphone’s functions will continue to remain accessible.

The Razer Junglecat offers a combination of gaming-grade control and customizability, all the while making sure that your smartphone’s access remains unimpeded at all times. Every single millimeter that can be removed, has been removed from the Razer Junglecat, allowing it to mold as seamlessly as possible alongside your iPhone 5s. The end result? An ultra-durable slider which shows off or hides the gamepad as and when desired. It sports a full set of gaming functions that will comprise of AXBY pressure-sensitive buttons, a D-pad and bumpers, hence doing away with on screen controls which tend to be unresponsive during the most crucial of moments.

Even with the Razer Junglecat attached, the slew of buttons and ports on your iPhone would remain available, and the entire shebang measures a mere 20mm thin, making this more like a standard protective case than a gaming controller instead. Each $99.99 purchase of the Razer Junglecat should be accompanied by a downloadable iOS app in order to help you perform customizations to the controls, such as pressure sensitivity and key mapping.

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