razer-christine-gallery-02Earlier this year, Razer unveiled a pretty cool concept called Project Christine. For those who might have missed our coverage, Project Christine is essentially a modular PC concept, where users can swap parts in and out at ease. This is compared to current PC building where users need to know where to slot in parts, and how to connect those parts to their power supply and so on.

It’s not the most difficult thing in the world, but we guess there are some out there who aren’t very technologically savvy. That being said, Project Christine was facing some challenges from OEMs who weren’t that enthused about coming on board. This was back in March and now that we’re in July, it seems that Razer is still facing some issues, claiming that it does not look particularly promising at the moment.

This is according to Razer’s CEO, Min-Liang Tan, who in an interview with TechRadar wrote, “We’ve had conversationis with OEMs. It’s not entirely promising right now because OEMs are excited about pushing products and not really innovating on that front.” However Tan adds that it is not all doom and gloom, and that Razer is hoping to make some announcements by the end of the year.

“We’ve had good conversations. We’ll have announcements through the end of the year. We’re hoping to get two to three OEM partners on board.” Whether or not OEMs get on board Project Christine remains to be seen, but we have to admit that this is a project that we’d like to see made a reality. After all if the Razer’s Project Fiona, a.k.a the Razer Edge Pro could be made a reality, we don’t see why Project Christine can’t as well.

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