relaxis-padRestless Leg Syndrome (RLS) happens to be one of the more annoying conditions out there that is deemed by some to be irritating, being difficult to have it under one’s control, and if you happen to be at your wit’s end, fret not. There is hope at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Apparently, sleeping with RLS might actually make one feel as though one’s legs are constantly being tugged via an outside force that simply does not want to stop (no case of demon possession here, by the way), and while treatment via drugs is an option, it is not the optimal solution, especially for folks who happen to be on a slew of medications at the moment. Sensory Medical brings hope with the FDA clearance to its Relaxis device.


The Relaxis device has been hailed to be the very first non-drug option that will hopefully be able to assist those who suffer from RLS to get to sleep peacefully each night, all the while making sure that their partners, too, will be able to get a restful night’s sleep along the way.

How does the Relaxis work? This prescription device will boast of a pillow sized pad that can vibrate at different intensities. This particular pad will be positioned below the legs, allowing the patient to activate and control how it jiggles via a connected controller. The vibration that is induced by the pad is touted to be a counterstimulation to the naturally occurring restless leg sensation, and early studies have shown that it has helped folks achieve a better quality of sleep. Delivering 30 minutes of vibratory counterstimulation, it will ramp down gradually before shutting off so as not to wake the patient up. [Press Release]

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