Reshape, an online video training company that intends to hook up ordinary folk with top health and wellness professionals live via the humble TV, has just announced a spanking new device which is touted to turn any ordinary TV into that of a “Beyond Smart TV”, accompanied by a Full HD webcam to boot. Known as TVPRO, this happens to be the first intelligent interactive media player which will deliver similar intuitive features that one can experience on the computer and smartphone.

Sam Haginas and Beau Haginas, who both of them happen to be former athletes and entrepreneurs in the realms of technology and digital media, claim that the TVPRO’s reason for existence was to deliver a personalized and interactive training experience to right smack into the comfort of your home, so that you need not be as self conscious as you would be at a gym.

The TVPRO will run on a quad-core processor alongside a Full 1080p HD webcam, where one can experience an uncompromised video communications experience. There will be Android 4.4 KitKat as the operating system of choice, and one can access the latest content from the Google Play store to boot. TVPRO can be purchased via Kickstarter for $139 a pop for the first 500 backers. [Press Release]

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