titanfall-patchRespawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was released earlier this year which means that it might still be a bit too early to be thinking about Titanfall 2. But what does this mean for Titanfall in the meantime? Well for gamers who might be worried that Respawn would slowly start to support Titanfall less and less, and focus on other endeavors, well you can rest assured that they won’t.

Speaking with the folks at Eurogamer, Respawn’s co-founder, Vince Zampella, stated that they expect to continue supporting Titanfall for a long time. The reasoning behind is because there are still plenty of gamers who are playing the game. He mentions that the numbers on consoles are looking great, but has started to wane a bit on the PC, which is something they are looking into.

When asked for how long will Respawn plan on supporting Titanfall, Zampella replied by saying it depends on how long the gamers themselves plan to play the game. He said that if there are still many fans out there who love the game, then it can be justified to allocate resources towards it, otherwise those resources could be better spent elsewhere.

“If there’s not that many people, or the engagement goes down, there’s a point where those resources are better spent on whatever our next game would be and making that game better. I hope it lasts a really long time and we can do more stuff.” As it stands Titanfall has been dubbed the best-selling Xbox One game to date, so it looks for now, gamers have nothing to worry about.

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