rock-simulatorWho would have thought that a game about a goat simulator would actually catch on and be popular? Well, just when you thought that Goat Simulator would be as weird as it gets, along comes word that Strange Panther Games intends to announce the development of Rock Simulator 2014, where this particular title is as self descriptive as it can be. I know, right?

I am just waiting for a “Watch Paint Dry Simulator” to arrive after completing Rock Simulator 2014. I jest, that would be downright boring. Basically, Rock Simulator allows those who pick up the title to go through the motions of being a rock, where it is currently one of the top fifteen entries on Steam Greenlight.

The entire game was specially designed in order to appeal to “genuine rock enthusiasts”, where one will be able to see rocks across a wide range of environments, where these will include the likes of grassy plains and mountains. As you roll your way down hills (certainly won’t be gathering any moss in this case), you will have to fight the wind, and in High Definition glory to boot. Right now, Strange Panther Games have come up with a donation campaign for this title, and it will be a free-to-play title when it arrives on the PC platform later this year.

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