safari ios 8When it comes to shopping on our mobile devices, it can get pretty tricky as the screens are small, so when it comes to filling up your personal information like shipping address, credit card details, it can be a bit hard, at least compared to using a computer with a full sized keyboard and a larger display.

Well with iOS 8, Apple is hoping to make your shopping a bit easier. Apple announced iOS 8 earlier this week and together with iOS 8, they have announced a newer version of Safari as well. However one of the features Apple did not mention was that Safari for iOS 8 came with a built-in camera that will allow users to scan their credit cards.

What this does is that it allows the credit card information portion of the form to be filled out automatically based on the credit card details that you just filled in. This will save shoppers a ton of time, especially if you don’t enjoy having to fiddle with tiny text boxes. The good news is that web developers do not have to enable the feature as Safari is able to automatically detect when credit card information is being asked for and will present the option automatically.

What do you guys make of this new feature? Pretty convenient, don’t you think? Now imagine being able to fill up online forms by scanning letters addressed to you, that would be incredibly handy as well.

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