israel-sky-carsTraffic congestion in major cities continues to prove itself to be a problem that is difficult to solve, and with the ownership of cars rising every single year, this is one issue that does not look as though it will be solved anytime soon. Folks over in Tel Aviv, Israel, however, might benefit from a half kilometer long loop of elevated sky cars to get around, at least when you are on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Assuming initial testing and feasibility studies of constructing such a network goes well, it might eventually see adoption into a commercial network so that the masses too, will be able to enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free commute each day.

skyTran is the company behind this idea, and each of these sky cars will be able to hold two adults comfortably, being suspended from elevated magnetic tracks, proving itself to be an alternative transport method that might just help alleviate the choked arteries of vehicles that snake themselves across the bustling city each day.

It is widely expected for the sky car system to be fully operational by the end of next year, which is an optimistic date by all accounts. The whole idea of the sky car system would be to let passengers book a vehicle via a smartphone app, heading to the corresponding station and get into the booked ride before arriving at their destination. Expect these sky cars to have a maximum speed of 70km/h (43mph) during testing, although a commercial solution should see higher speeds for greater efficiency.

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