Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 tablet went on sale not too long ago and it looks like some early adopters are facing issues, networking issues to be precise. A Microsoft Community forum thread is already live and filled with complaints from users who have faced similar issues on their new tablets. Some claim the tablet has problems connecting with numerous 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers from the likes of Belkin, ASUS and Netgear. The issue is said to occur when the Surface Pro 3 is on battery and resuming from Instant Go.

Instant Go is a sleep state which lets the system pull notifications and update emails while taking minimal power from the battery. Once up from this state the tablet shows limited connection status even if one waits for a full minute.

It doesn’t look like this problem only affected those with routers from the aforementioned companies. ZDNet has reports of the same bug biting people using Linksys and D-Link routers. It is believed that these networking issues started after the driver and firmware update was shipped by Microsoft for this tablet on June 18th.

This update was meant to squash reliability bugs a day before the Surface Pro 3 went on sale, but it seems that it may have added one to the mix. Then again, it is not uncommon to see bugs appear in new hardware.

The issue has been reported to Microsoft which has forwarded it to the engineering team. Hopefully they’ll have a software fix ready soon which will put an end to networking issues on the Surface Pro 3.

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