As part of its uncarrier 5.0 announcement T-Mobile revealed a new program called Test Drive. Under this program the carrier will allow customers to order an iPhone 5s through its website and “test drive” it for a week. Those who return the device after a week will have the $699.99 charge refunded. Sprint is next in line to offer customers trial periods. CEO Dan Hesse announced today at a generous 30 day trial period will be offered to all new customers.

Its simple enough. Sign up with Sprint and try out its service for a month. If you’re satisfied keep the device and the carrier will then charge you. If you’re not satisfied send the device back and have the service fee as well as the phone cast waived.

The move comes as Sprint tries to win subscribers back after a lengthy network overhaul that hurt quality as work was being done. Hesse said today that work on the voice portion of the overhaul is almost complete. Hence the month-long trial period will be crucial in bringing subscribers back, give them a chance to try out the network again for a full 30 days and see if they want to return.

Today the carrier also unveiled a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. Its merely the Galaxy S5 Active with different branding, though Sprint has loaded on some fitness-related applications to sweeten the deal.

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